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Plats: Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany

Me. That's where it all begins. A big bang of an even bigger kind. Or how to start a selfpresentation? Here it is me, my lovely uglydolll Tray and my dearest violin to entertain you and to abridge the time until I can get to Sweden again. Let the magic begin!

onsdag, december 13, 2006

Saffran on my fingertips


It is the day of Lucia in Sweden and I was doing my best in putting some of it's spirit in my german sorrounding. It actually worked out pretty fine. :)
I may not have a wreathe of candles on my head, but still, I got the baked goods, the love and the light in my eyes.

During the past days my apartment has been a baking factory for glittering fairies and this time has not ended yet according to the gingerbread paste on my floury table.
My desk and working place does look terrible though, like a computer scientists or gamers desk, with lots of papers, cd's, books, bottles, garbage and unwashed dishes and pots because I've been putting everything which is unnecessary for baking there, e.g. school stuff.

It was so worth it.

Putting my fingers up to my nose I do not only smell the mjuk, the smooth and mellow scent of 0.4 gr saffran, but I am also set into jultiden, with christmas curtains, with light snow, with certain candles and lots of pepparkakor. I can fell the smell in my mouth, with my lips around a soft and yellow lussekatt. Självbakad.
I can not remember to ever have tasted such a descent flavour and I am delighted by it's very pleasent warmth.
This is more than just delicious.
Combined with the freezing wind outside, it is a precious memory of christmas and catching thoughts while strolling around.

And it will be a new memory:
Baking nights with friends that share a love for arts and Japan, waking in the morning, finishing the last bullar to be able to share them in the math lesson half an hour later, walking around completely in white with a red sash around the hip.

Just like a typical Lucia, the oldest daughter in the family, who brings light and pastries to the other members of the family, and spreads warm fragrances in pale yellow. Even if there is no kindred among those who give and get the goods.
Family does not need any kindred.

*by tomhe

onsdag, augusti 09, 2006

I'm a pirate, baby! or: OMG! WTF?

I did it!

I watched the new 'Pirates of the Caribbean'-movie. (by now I can spell 'caribbean, too ^^)

May I admit a few words before story telling?

Oh my god! What the fuck?

A friend of mine and I went to the wonderful cinema of our town which only shows original movies. No synchronisation, no subtitles.
That's so like heaven!

Anyways, I saw the first movie and it was a great laugh combined with a nice story, a pretty kind of English and catching music.
The latter is a thing I noticed quite late, our orchestra played the score while I was in Sweden, I have their version on disc and it is breathtaking.
Even if I haven't been there and haven't played it yet I really can imagine how it's like to play the whole thing.
But playing scores for movies is a dream to me anyhow.

So I knew that the music would be just fine, no eperiments, little new stuff and all the old motives of course. Ok, I'm not that conservative but I was scared that this 2nd part would be like Pocahontas 2.

Not only I could rely on the music, it was funny, Jonnie Depp as Jack Sparrow, excuse the mistake, captain Jack Sparrow, did as the role obliged.
We could reunite with the important old figures, our whole little pirate family + some new characters.

Most impressive was the change of Commodore Norrington to me, just look!


You see this serious guy, a little strict, very British an no match at all. A terrific german word to describe him would be 'Spiesser' if you know what that means.


By excluding the others you see it's the guy to the left. Dirty, looking like a pirate and just gorgeous. Really, now his beautiful face gets a chance because his hair is open and his whole personality seems to have got a ... personality. I'm sorry, that's just too sexy!

Though not everything was as it should have been:

Way too many special effects!
And they were much too fast, your eye can't catch what's happening in some scenes.
Damn, this is an adventure movie, no action movie.

Many jokes were exaggerated, the charakters sometimes behaved like a parody of themselfes and I doubt that was meant to be.
They gilded the lily.

The ending was a huge surprise. Really. Didn't expect that. OMG!

I noticed that the actors didn't swear. Okay, a little "bloody" or something like that but to swear like it was expectable by pirates? No way.
Is this due to Disney?
I would have sworn the hell out of me if I was in such incredible situations like them.

Because of that my WTF. It's needed. That's what you're thinking while sitting there, staring at the screen. Thinking 'Hell no! What the fuck?'. It's too crazy, too impossible and outrageous. It just can't be true.
But's it's a movie, I almost forgot.

My résumé?

If you liked the first part you might like this part, too.
If you like historical costumes you have another reason to like it.
Same with the action and special effects part.

This was not a masteriece or a sleeper but it will entertain you. Surely.

By the way, my friend was so overwhelmed by the whole movie, especially the end that she was crying, no, sobbing afterwards. Due to happiness!

söndag, augusti 06, 2006

motivation - frustration

I am so motivated!

Okay, i got dishes to do and I wooon't -_-, but hey, I have a wonderful idea!

I want to welcome an exchange student at my home in the year o7/o8.
This is quite exciting because I live in my own flat and she (I wantt a girl ^^) would live in one room with me but well, I have been i Sweden o5/o6 as an exchange student so I know what it's like.

She would have a great time, just imagine living without parents ;)

No, it's not actually like that, I do not expect that it was possible for the organisations if there are no parents. My mother lives near me with her boyfriend, my brother and his friends (yes, they do live there) so there is always the oppurtunity to go there, have a meal, a hug or just he chance to watch TV because I don't have one.

  • I have somebody who lives with me
  • I know what it's like and can understand her situation
  • She learns to be independant in a bigger way than under the refuge of parents
  • The whole intercultural aspect
  • Making friends
  • Explaining and showing her so much of the life here
  • She has the chance of living in quite a big town
  • The school is good and offers a lot
  • She would come in the same year in which I am having my final exams, that can turnout to be a problem
  • I just have this one-room apartment so there i no absolut privacy and no chance to flee
But the second contra needn't be a problem, there are possibilities to seperate the room, she can have my huge bed whilst I sleep on the couch, the desk i big enough for two.

Actually I shoul practise violin and clean my apartment but I don't really want to, I just want to eat cake and be lazy.
Thank god I have a conscience, it is very annoying and persistent

tisdag, augusti 01, 2006

New beginning

Well, where to start ...

I just decided to write in English to comfort both the Swedes and the german people that might read this.
(If there are also Englishman or other fellows of this kind, no offend, I just didn't expect you)

There is to admit that I hardly have an idea of how to deal it this time but I will give it a try on a regulary base.

I'm now sitting in Frankfurt in Germany after having spent almost a year in Sweden as exchangestudent and I miss my people there and the nature and the language and the food and so on.
Therefore I plan to get back for studies in 2008 if I'm able two master the final two years of school.

I am also trying to figure out who I am now, how I have changed, what rested and if I am fitting in myself actually.

But now I might just go to sleep, I am still awake, summervacation explains eveything, I guess.

fredag, juni 02, 2006

Endast 14 dagar kvar


Tag des Glücks, nach meiner in letzter Minute eingereichten Religionsarbeit, die ich schlecht fand, die aber mit G+ benotet wurde für den Kurs Religion B VG bekommen.


Ich hab da eher mit IG gerechnet, besonders weil ich alle anderen Reste nicht einreicht habe.

Dessutom hab ich VG in Filosofi A, obwohl ich die grosse fördjupningsarbete nie geschrieben habe, hehe.

Und G in Idrott och hälsa, obwohl ich fast nie da war und wenn, dann hatte ich meine Tage

Naja, ist halt Farsta, da ist es sicher leichter gute Noten zu bekommen als auf Södra Latin. ^^

Übrigens, Södra Latin und Farsta Gymnasium haben laut einer der kostenlosen Zeitungen als einzige am gleichen Tag zur gleichen Zeit utspringning

Hier ist miefige Stimmung, aber theoretisch geht's mir gut, habe eben am Kai zum Sonnenuntergang Geige gespielt, sogar in Gesellschaft eines fremden, etwas verwahrlosten Mannes mit Systembolagettüte. (Ich könnt ja jetzt Penner oder Obdachloser sagen, aber das erste ist gemein und das zweite wäre eine unüberprüfte Behauptung)

Auf jeden Fall war er nett, hat nicht geschimpft und später kam er und hat mir ein Glas Wein angeboten, sofern ich denn ein Glas hätte.

Später bin ich dann zu ihm hin und hab ihm Süssigkeiten angeboten, die er aber abgelehnt hat (ist irgendwie Ironie, von wegen Süssigkeiten und fremder Mann ) mit Verweis auf seinen Wein.
Von dem hat er mir jedoch wieder ein Glas angeboten, aber ich konnte ja auch aus der Flasche trinken.
Doch, das war schön, Weisswein zu schmecken und gegen den Sonnenuntergang zu blicken.

Er hat erklärt dass es trevlig war mich spielen zu hören (dabei war ich heute echt mies ), ich dankte ihm für die "Gesellschaft" und wünschte ihm 'nen schönen Tag bevor ich mich auf den Heimweg machte.

Das klingt vielleicht naiv/doof/übertrieben, aber der Geschmack von Weisswein in meinem Mund war so wunderbar, dass ich beschlossen habe, mich mit Wein zu betrinken wenn ich zurückkehre.

Und jetzt geh ich gleich schlafen, ob wohl es hell ist, denn ich bin sehr müde, wäre in den Bussen jeweils fast eingeschlafen.

Ich hasse es mittlerweile im Wohnzimmer mein Bett zu haben aber da muss ich wohl durch.

Good night & good fight

Ich hatte ein Gespräch mit der Kuratorin hier, dank an Laura, die mir etwas von ihrer Zeit abgab.
Mir geht es eigentlich nicht gut. Ehrlich gesagt.
Ich habe keine Kraft mehr und dumme Gedanken in meinem Kopf.
Vem bär mig / Wer kann mich tragen?

onsdag, maj 31, 2006

Endast 16 dagar kvar

Lyckan som bär mig.

fredag, maj 26, 2006

Endast 21 dagar kvar

Jag kan inte fatta och inte bära musiken.
Men den bär mig hur tung jag än är.
Jag kan andas musiken.
Jag måste andas musiken.
För att jag kan inte andas själv,
jag kan inte bära mig själv.

Jag är ett maskrosbarn, da sieht man mal.
Als Parteimitglied bekommt man bis Juli Theatervergünstigungen in Frankfurt.
Weil ich bestechlich bin, warte ich als gerne noch ein Weilchen mit meinem Austritt.

Ich hab soviel kärlek in meinem kleinen kranken Kopf, dass ich nicht weiss, wohin damit.
Ich habe so monströse Mauern um mich herum, dass ich meine Liebe nur der Musik schenken kann.
Sehnsüchtig nach etwas, dass ich nicht bekommen kann und nicht bekommen will.
Aber das ist wohl ganz in Ordnung so.

I'm damn afraid.