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Me. That's where it all begins. A big bang of an even bigger kind. Or how to start a selfpresentation? Here it is me, my lovely uglydolll Tray and my dearest violin to entertain you and to abridge the time until I can get to Sweden again. Let the magic begin!

söndag, augusti 06, 2006

motivation - frustration

I am so motivated!

Okay, i got dishes to do and I wooon't -_-, but hey, I have a wonderful idea!

I want to welcome an exchange student at my home in the year o7/o8.
This is quite exciting because I live in my own flat and she (I wantt a girl ^^) would live in one room with me but well, I have been i Sweden o5/o6 as an exchange student so I know what it's like.

She would have a great time, just imagine living without parents ;)

No, it's not actually like that, I do not expect that it was possible for the organisations if there are no parents. My mother lives near me with her boyfriend, my brother and his friends (yes, they do live there) so there is always the oppurtunity to go there, have a meal, a hug or just he chance to watch TV because I don't have one.

  • I have somebody who lives with me
  • I know what it's like and can understand her situation
  • She learns to be independant in a bigger way than under the refuge of parents
  • The whole intercultural aspect
  • Making friends
  • Explaining and showing her so much of the life here
  • She has the chance of living in quite a big town
  • The school is good and offers a lot
  • She would come in the same year in which I am having my final exams, that can turnout to be a problem
  • I just have this one-room apartment so there i no absolut privacy and no chance to flee
But the second contra needn't be a problem, there are possibilities to seperate the room, she can have my huge bed whilst I sleep on the couch, the desk i big enough for two.

Actually I shoul practise violin and clean my apartment but I don't really want to, I just want to eat cake and be lazy.
Thank god I have a conscience, it is very annoying and persistent