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onsdag, augusti 09, 2006

I'm a pirate, baby! or: OMG! WTF?

I did it!

I watched the new 'Pirates of the Caribbean'-movie. (by now I can spell 'caribbean, too ^^)

May I admit a few words before story telling?

Oh my god! What the fuck?

A friend of mine and I went to the wonderful cinema of our town which only shows original movies. No synchronisation, no subtitles.
That's so like heaven!

Anyways, I saw the first movie and it was a great laugh combined with a nice story, a pretty kind of English and catching music.
The latter is a thing I noticed quite late, our orchestra played the score while I was in Sweden, I have their version on disc and it is breathtaking.
Even if I haven't been there and haven't played it yet I really can imagine how it's like to play the whole thing.
But playing scores for movies is a dream to me anyhow.

So I knew that the music would be just fine, no eperiments, little new stuff and all the old motives of course. Ok, I'm not that conservative but I was scared that this 2nd part would be like Pocahontas 2.

Not only I could rely on the music, it was funny, Jonnie Depp as Jack Sparrow, excuse the mistake, captain Jack Sparrow, did as the role obliged.
We could reunite with the important old figures, our whole little pirate family + some new characters.

Most impressive was the change of Commodore Norrington to me, just look!


You see this serious guy, a little strict, very British an no match at all. A terrific german word to describe him would be 'Spiesser' if you know what that means.


By excluding the others you see it's the guy to the left. Dirty, looking like a pirate and just gorgeous. Really, now his beautiful face gets a chance because his hair is open and his whole personality seems to have got a ... personality. I'm sorry, that's just too sexy!

Though not everything was as it should have been:

Way too many special effects!
And they were much too fast, your eye can't catch what's happening in some scenes.
Damn, this is an adventure movie, no action movie.

Many jokes were exaggerated, the charakters sometimes behaved like a parody of themselfes and I doubt that was meant to be.
They gilded the lily.

The ending was a huge surprise. Really. Didn't expect that. OMG!

I noticed that the actors didn't swear. Okay, a little "bloody" or something like that but to swear like it was expectable by pirates? No way.
Is this due to Disney?
I would have sworn the hell out of me if I was in such incredible situations like them.

Because of that my WTF. It's needed. That's what you're thinking while sitting there, staring at the screen. Thinking 'Hell no! What the fuck?'. It's too crazy, too impossible and outrageous. It just can't be true.
But's it's a movie, I almost forgot.

My résumé?

If you liked the first part you might like this part, too.
If you like historical costumes you have another reason to like it.
Same with the action and special effects part.

This was not a masteriece or a sleeper but it will entertain you. Surely.

By the way, my friend was so overwhelmed by the whole movie, especially the end that she was crying, no, sobbing afterwards. Due to happiness!