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Catch a proper piece of swedishness, blåbärkakan is free to grab. But expect to share with sweet little Tray whilst I share my longing with you.

Min bilder
Plats: Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany

Me. That's where it all begins. A big bang of an even bigger kind. Or how to start a selfpresentation? Here it is me, my lovely uglydolll Tray and my dearest violin to entertain you and to abridge the time until I can get to Sweden again. Let the magic begin!

tisdag, augusti 01, 2006

New beginning

Well, where to start ...

I just decided to write in English to comfort both the Swedes and the german people that might read this.
(If there are also Englishman or other fellows of this kind, no offend, I just didn't expect you)

There is to admit that I hardly have an idea of how to deal it this time but I will give it a try on a regulary base.

I'm now sitting in Frankfurt in Germany after having spent almost a year in Sweden as exchangestudent and I miss my people there and the nature and the language and the food and so on.
Therefore I plan to get back for studies in 2008 if I'm able two master the final two years of school.

I am also trying to figure out who I am now, how I have changed, what rested and if I am fitting in myself actually.

But now I might just go to sleep, I am still awake, summervacation explains eveything, I guess.