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Plats: Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany

Me. That's where it all begins. A big bang of an even bigger kind. Or how to start a selfpresentation? Here it is me, my lovely uglydolll Tray and my dearest violin to entertain you and to abridge the time until I can get to Sweden again. Let the magic begin!

onsdag, december 13, 2006

Saffran on my fingertips


It is the day of Lucia in Sweden and I was doing my best in putting some of it's spirit in my german sorrounding. It actually worked out pretty fine. :)
I may not have a wreathe of candles on my head, but still, I got the baked goods, the love and the light in my eyes.

During the past days my apartment has been a baking factory for glittering fairies and this time has not ended yet according to the gingerbread paste on my floury table.
My desk and working place does look terrible though, like a computer scientists or gamers desk, with lots of papers, cd's, books, bottles, garbage and unwashed dishes and pots because I've been putting everything which is unnecessary for baking there, e.g. school stuff.

It was so worth it.

Putting my fingers up to my nose I do not only smell the mjuk, the smooth and mellow scent of 0.4 gr saffran, but I am also set into jultiden, with christmas curtains, with light snow, with certain candles and lots of pepparkakor. I can fell the smell in my mouth, with my lips around a soft and yellow lussekatt. Självbakad.
I can not remember to ever have tasted such a descent flavour and I am delighted by it's very pleasent warmth.
This is more than just delicious.
Combined with the freezing wind outside, it is a precious memory of christmas and catching thoughts while strolling around.

And it will be a new memory:
Baking nights with friends that share a love for arts and Japan, waking in the morning, finishing the last bullar to be able to share them in the math lesson half an hour later, walking around completely in white with a red sash around the hip.

Just like a typical Lucia, the oldest daughter in the family, who brings light and pastries to the other members of the family, and spreads warm fragrances in pale yellow. Even if there is no kindred among those who give and get the goods.
Family does not need any kindred.

*by tomhe